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The University Club of Victoria


Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming environment in a west coast garden setting that is the pre-eminent dining facility on campus and the place of choice for members to eat, meet and celebrate on campus.

Vision Statement

To be a member focused social hub of the University of Victoria Community, providing a variety of spaces and environments in which to meet, eat and socialize with colleagues and guests.

The University Club of Victoria (formerly called the Faculty Club) opened in its current location on March 16, 1982.  The building’s west coast design and cedar construction lends itself gracefully to the natural picturesque setting in a wooded dale.  Artistic landscaping with flowers and shrubs blooming year-round are reflected in the adjacent pond.

The Club’s home-like setting provides an atmosphere conducive to relaxing in comfort, meeting and enjoying the company and conviviality of others, or conducting business away from home.

In keeping with the University’s commitment to encourage interaction between the University and the community, the Club facilities are also made available to off-campus groups as long as they are sponsored by a member of the University Club.

The University Club is located on the University of Victoria campus, tucked between the Fine Arts building and the Murray and Anne Fraser building.  The Club is located a short drive from downtown Victoria.  If you are unfamiliar with our location, please refer to the map on the home page.