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Chair’s Report

Message From The Chair 
The sun is shining…our patio is open –we live in Victoria and… we are members of the University Club –really, it cannot get much better than this!

I want to begin this month by highlighting a marvelous Club event in May. Many of us stepped back in time (150 years!) on May 23rd with Mrs. Beetonas she brought her “Book of Household Management” to life. I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Marcus Milwright(for such a great concept and for being our guide as we stepped back in time) and to KeshiaPalm (the charming and talented actress who so vividly gave us Mrs. Beeton). Also thanks to Candace Vandemark of Red Rooster Winery and our marvelous culinary and service team who ensured that the dinner was something special to remember. (I also got to dress up…what fun!)

As I mentioned earlier our Club patio is now open. So once again we have a wonderful spot to enjoy Fridays in the summer. Our barbeque will be fired up for both lunch and dinner…TGIF. By the way, I noticed that our ducks have been practicing recently so they should be ready to put on a continuous show in the pond this summer. The new pond volcano fountain with a colourring is expected to be installed for mid June.

Be sure to check out the new menus at the Club… There are some great new culinary delights.

Remember to check out the newsletter for the great lineup of entertainment for the June Jazzfest. There is a great variety of talented musical entertainment and on June 13th we feature our Lobsterfest.

What else is coming up…

* Watch for the British Invasion of our patio on July 11th. The Band Backbeat will bring back those words that began in the 60’s…”Yeah, yeah, yeah” and “Love me Do” from you know who as well as those Canadian hits “These Eyes” and “Laughing” from the Guess Who! They have a broad repertoire so warming up your dancing shoes and reserve your spots.

Check out The Weekly Events page and the remainder of this newsletter for more details about these and other events.

As always…till next time…see you at the Club!


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June Jazzfest

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